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online memorial services The first time you met them. The times they had your back. The trust and secrets that were shared. The things only they understood about you. The adventures you went on together. The stories they told and the advice they gave. The last embrace.

Online memorial services, these are your memories. And this is your place to come together and share them with the people who love and support you, and who continue to love and support you through this time of loss.

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    Virtual Memorial services

    A virtual wake or virtual memorial gathering is very similar to traditional ones, in which family, friends, and the community come together to honour and memorialise a loved one. However, instead of guests congregating at a families’ home, funeral home, social hall or other location, attendees and participants interact through the use of technology.

    Guests are able to attend from the comfort of their own home or any other remote location by using their computer, tablet, mobile phone, or other device. A real time online video and audio of the wake or memorial gathering, with sound, provides for interaction and participation for people that are not physically in attendance.

    Virtual Funerals

    A virtual funeral is an interactive and collaborative funeral service that virtually allows families and friends to memorialise, eulogise, and celebrate loved ones. Using a desktop, tablet or mobile device, this online virtual service can be used to view funerals, burials, and other forms of gatherings, such as wakes, celebrations of life and memorials.

    Memorial gatherings and wakes provide mourners an opportunity to offer their condolences and share their grief in a home, funeral home, social hall or other location a day or even several days before the funeral.

    Online memorial services features list

    Professionally Produced Live Event Service

    Up to 300 Devices Connected. More than one individual can watch on the same device if they are at the same location. The service can be held entirely as a virtual event or as a combination of virtual combined with a service held in a chapel, church or funeral home.

    Host Your Video

    Host the memorial video for playback on a private password protected web page for up to 6 months

    Celebrant/Moderator and/or Open Mic Sharing

    We’ll provide a celebrant who introduces the service and each segment of the presentations and acts as an online moderator. Inquire about availability of bi-lingual English/Spanish Celebrant. This add-on includes an optional open mic sharing time at the end of the service which we moderate for you. The audience can take turns sharing condolences or brief remarks.

    OnlineLive Streaming to Facebook or YouTube

    We will livestream the service to our public Facebook Page or YouTube channel. This is an economical way to increase attendance capacity for attendees. It is also convenient if you have elderly attendees who may have trouble logging in for a private service.

    Digital Memorial Card with up to 1 revision

    A professionally designed digital memorial card that will be provided to attendees. You will also be able to distribute the card by email.

    Photo Video with Music with up to 1 revision

    Professionally produced photo video with photos you provide and using music selected by you. Up to 50 photos and 3 songs. We will play the video during the service.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Does an online memorial service replace the services provided by a traditional funeral home or mortuary?

    An online memorial service is separate and distinct from the services provided by a traditional funeral home or mortuary. Virtual Memorial Gatherings is focused on helping you conduct an online memorial service, while funeral homes can help with in-person services and burials.


    If we have a funeral home or mortuary handling the burial or cremation, can Virtual Memorial Gatherings work with them to create an online memorial service?

    Certainly. We are happy to collaborate with your provider.


    What do people usually include in an online memorial service?

    Your online memorial service can be customized to your personal and spiritual preferences. Some elements that could be included are:

    • Welcome message

    • Photo slideshow

    • Prayers

    • Songs or hymns

    • Scripture or other readings

    • Eulogy

    • Tributes

    • Other messages

    • Remembrances

    • Concluding remarks


    Do I need to be technologically savvy to use your virtual memorial services?

    No, we will operate all of the technical aspects, leaving you free to participate with peace of mind.


    Will it be difficult for our family and friends to attend the online memorial service?

    No, it will not be difficult to participate. Your attendees will simply click on a link and they will be able to connect from any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device. If you have elderly attendees who may have trouble logging in for a private service we recommend our optional service to livestream to Facebook or YouTube.


    If our event is online can it be private?

    Yes, your event can be set up as an invitation-only event.


    Can we hold the memorial at a traditional place of worship, at a funeral home or in our home?

    Yes, the memorial can be held anywhere. In some cases a family will hold a service in a traditional setting with just a few attending. The service can be made available to a wider group with everyone connecting individually using their own computer or mobile device.


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